Retrofitting Spirals to the Intralox DirectDrive System

  • Official Licence Holders of the Intralox Direct Drive Technology

    Official Licence Holders of the Intralox Direct Drive Technology

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Why Choose the Intralox DirectDrive System?
Intralox’s patented DirectDrive System has been engineered to operate with zero slip, while minimising operational and maintenance downtime, labour and cleaning costs. Watch the Video below to understand the advantage of the Direct Drive system over traditional friction-based systems.

Intralox DDS Key Features

The Direct DriveSystem eliminates overdrive, engaging the belt edge directly with the drum. The belt is therefore driven without drum-belt edge friction, and operates with zero slip. Key features include:

  • Better Sensitive Product Handling
  • Improved Product Orientation
  • Greater Carrying Capacity
  • Reduced Cleaning Costs
  • Simplified Controls
  • Improved Operations for Sugar Coated Products

Retrofitting Services

Real Engineering offer a full turnkey retrofit service with supporting warranties and guarantees. We provide expert advice and consultation services, including full system audits, for customers considering an upgrade to their existing systems.

We have retrofitted the Intralox DirectDrive system to a large number of coolers, freezers and provers throughout the UK and Europe over the past 4 years, working in partnership with the Intralox Spiral Optimization team.

If you would like to increase profitability, minimise product orientation issues and enhance production capacity, contact us today about our Intralox DDS retrofitting services.

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Spiral System Services

We provide a comprehensive range of spiral system services, including system relocations, storage, retrofits, audits, inspections and servicing. Our dedicated service team is available 24/7 to respond to mechanical and electrical breakdown repairs and undertake emergency work such as belt and gearbox replacements.

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