Real's First Prover uses an endless plastic modular belt to transport dough pieces in either single file or in double lane format depending upon plant capacity and layout. The dough is gently pulled away from the belt at discharge via our bespoke stripping roller arrangement.
Real Provers offer efficient use of vertical space while maintaining product orientation and pitching. Modular in design, our system is quickly and easily installed regardless of any door opening restrictions. Installation is usually completed in less than 5 working days.
  • a spiral system that is easy to operate and clean
  • little need for maintenance and non proprietary parts
  • the use of stainless steel and food safe plastic for all surfaces with direct product contant ensuring excellent hygeine standards
  • modular construction for ease of installation
  • wide variety of belt options including the patented Intralox DDS
  • better quality products compared to rack proofing
  • variable speed controlled via the HMI
  • smaller footprint size than others
  • CE marked and manafactured to ISO 9001 standards